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Panel blinds

Panel blinds are ideal for covering larger windows or for a room partition. Panels of fabric hang vertically from the ceiling. The panelling effect means these blinds can easily slide to one side so you have complete control over the amount of light they let in. Panel blinds are a fantastic alternative to vertical blinds which can look a little like office window coverings.

The number and size of each panel are flexible and can be adapted to achieve the look you require. Bear in mind the more panels you have the narrower each panel will be. Panel blinds can be divided equally to each side or all stacked to one side depending on the area to be covered and the preference of the customer.

They are ideal for light control and therefore perfect in living areas or areas where there is a television or computer monitor, thus avoiding annoying glare on the screen.

With such a wide range of fabrics available, they will complement any colour scheme and can also be used in situations where blackout or dimout is required. For an interesting and stylish effect, different shades of fabric can be used in alternative panels. Detail can be added such as wooden or chrome bottom bars to create an additional unique twist to your blind.

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